Vicetone have been delivering addictive melodies and pushing the creative bounds of dance music for over a decade. Infectiously melodic and energetic, their distinct sound has earned Dutch DJ/Producer duo Ruben den Boer and Victor Pool over 1 billion streams, multiple platinum and gold records, and a loyal global fanbase. Victor and Ruben found quick success after releasing their debut record “Harmony” in 2012; within a year they were on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ list and touring globally. Vicetone has since brought their brand of emotionally charged dance music to their 2021 album “Legacy” and hits like “Nevada” and “Astronomia”. Vicetone’s latest EP “Departing Reality” showcases the duo’s talent for innovative production and experimentation while staying true to their roots. "One thing that’s become apparent from working together for so long is that Victor is drawn toward happy songs, while I gravitate toward darker more melancholic songs" explains Ruben. The EP’s 4 singles exemplify this dynamic tension and the duo’s ability to play in a broad emotional range, from the positive “Tomorrow Never Comes” to the dark “Voices in My Head”. In ‘World Has A Heartbeat’ Vicetone expands on their classic guitar-based sound, while in “Dopamine Junkie” the duo pays homage to the addictive melodies that hallmark their brand of dance music. Inspired by the feeling of losing yourself in the perfect melody, “Departing Reality” exhibits the creativity and technical mastery Vicetone is known for.