Roger Sanchez

Just one in the cast of crucial producers who made the premiere American house label during the early '90s, Roger Sanchez grew into a prolific remixer, world-class mainstream DJ, and top global-house name by the end of the decade. Though he concentrated more on mix albums than proper studio productions under his own name, Sanchez gained much respect with club kids as well as the dancefloor intelligentsia.

Sanchez launched a new label in 2002 named  -- home to his impressive rate of mixes, as well as re-releases and new productions from himself as well as other artists. The following year, he won a Grammy in the category of Best Remixed Recording for his remix of 's "Hella Good." Release Yourself, his long-running terrestrial and online radio show, won an International Dance Music award for Best Podcast. The show celebrated a decade of broadcasts when the mix effort Release Yourself: 10th Anniversary Edition dropped in 2011, the same year that Sanchez joined with the  for the single "2gether." The singles "Troubleman" and "My Roots" arrived in 2013 along with the mix album Release Yourself 13. ~ John Bush, Rovi