Mesto is coming up strong, ready to conquer the world. At the young age of 17 this Dutchman already developed massive producing and mixing skills that didn’t go unnoticed. After signing an exclusive deal with Spinnin’ Records, releasing several highly acclaimed singles (scoring millions of streams) at the renowned label, he is ready to make major musical steps globally.

After starting to play the drums at the tender age of 10, it didn’t take long for him to realize that he loves to make his own music. Mesto created an interest in deep and future house and with a little online help he taught himself to make his own extraordinary sounds.

Mesto likes to mix up different styles to create something original with future and bouncy elements. “It's already been said my music is some sort of 'future bounce'. Which is a compliment - my music probably has some sort of trademark sound", the young DJ/producer says.