No matter who you are or where you are from, there are moments where everyone finds themselves longing to escape reality. For many, music serves as that figurative time-out. K-391 conceptualizes your musical getaway in the shape of a unique headset, gaining over half a billion YouTube views and two million subscribers since his commercial debut in 2018.

K-391 is the creation of the mysterious character K, a creative prodigy who birthed K-391 with an ambition to enable people’s escape from reality through music as the vehicle and the destination only limited by your imagination. K-391's musical universe is the soundtrack to engaging narratives told through visual content across multiple platforms. It is an audiovisual experience inspired by all walks of life - including music, gaming, film, technology, architecture and vintage futurism. 

K-391 has been a constant inspiratory to DJs all over the world, famously Alan Walker, who both have featured each other in their respective music. Enjoying worldwide success K-391 has toured all over the world - from performing at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo, to supporting Alan Walker on his US leg of the Different World tour.