Le Shuuk

“Guys, let’s shock and shake!”

What began as humor, as a crazy idea, quickly became an inspiration. The personal joke between Chris Stritzel & his group of close friends became a reality.
His artist alias LE SHUUK. A title, a recipe for success, and now an internationally recognized and respected music and entertainment brand. Le Shuuk remains one thing above all else: A DJ. The incredible reaction of the crowd at each one of his events will never let him forget.

Beginning his career in 2005, it would have been impossible for Le Shuuk to have pictured that less than 10 years later, he would reach the pinnacle of the dance music industry. In 2015 he played the Main Stage of the BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME for the first time, sonically electrifying the masses in the process. His performance and set connected with the crowd in such an indelible way, he’s been WORLD CLUB DOME resident DJ ever since, playing in front of tens of thousands of WorldClubbers in the Pantheon-esque Main Stage of the „largest club in the world“.

Le Shuuk’s musical odyssey has taken him around the world, allowed him to touch the four corners of the earth, and pushed him upwards into the stratosphere. From Frankfurt to The Netherlands, Croatia, Korea, China, India, and Taiwan. In May 2019, on the maiden flight of WORLD CLUB DOME Zero-Gravity flight into weightlessness: A converted Airbus A310 became a flying disco, with 50 VIPs on board, and on that very first weightless parabolic flight, Le Shuuk DJ’d his way into the Guinness World Records, becoming the first DJ in history to premiere “Gold Baby” a new track, 8500 meters in the air.

Boredom? The Stuttgart native is so prolific he doesn’t have time to contemplate the notion. Whether gigging in the Mediterranean, on an Ice Club-Train, or 2,200 meters upwards in the Alps. Le Shuuk is one of the hardest working and talented DJs performing throughout the industry. Live shows at BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME in Korea, ULTRA Europe in Croatia, the legendary Tomorrowland in Belgium, and much more beyond. With BCB Family Booking as lead agency and support from new booking agency Koolwaters regarding worldwide representation, Le Shuuk’s aim to conquer all clubs and festivals across every continent is high on the agenda.

And as a producer, Le Shuuk’s prominence as a global player is increasing. Producing multiple BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME anthems, and following a request from chart-topping superstar DJ Alle Farben, who commissioned a remix of his smash hit track ÒFadingÓ, saw the remix skyrocket up the Swiss charts, to the point of achieving platinum status in the country. „RaveHeart“ – a cover of the world-famous 90’s classic, was released in March 2019 on Smash the House Records, the label of pioneering EDM DJs Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. This year, in 2021, Le Shuuk’s track ÒGoodbyeÓ reached No1 in Poland after spending more than 20 weeks in the national charts. Le Shuuk’s success stretches far beyond the traditional music charts, his track ÒSandmannÓ has been streamed more than 34 million times on Spotify and YouTube. And the streaming success has contributed significantly to Le Shuuk’s now more than 4.3 million streams per month on Spotify.

As the industry leader in streaming services, Le Shuuk increased the number of views by a whopping 480%, from 9.2m streams in 2019 to 44.5m in 2020! His consistent and increasing success has not gone unnoticed, with the Stuttgart-based DJ being rewarded with a five single record deal on Spinnin’ Records, the Dutch-based global leader in electronic music. And let’s not forget the impending anticipation for his eagerly awaited debut album, due out early 2022.

Resting on the laurels of his success is something the Stuttgart native would never accept. It has never, is never, and will never be Le Shuuk’s credo. New ideas bring forth new success. The „Sierra Party Raft“ has been completely sold out for 12 years. The „Shuuk Store“ has been in existence since September 2020, and is still the only DJ pop-up store of its kind in Europe, offering merchandise, drinks, and live DJ sets.

Podcasting? Of course, the youthful 33-year-old is a workaholic. 4.5m listeners tune in for his „Loud & Proud“ podcast, which reaches fans via six radio stations as well as YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify. Le Shuuk has also been setting standards on Twitch.tv. Every week 30,000 viewers tune in for his innovative live stream format „Switch to Twitch“.

Le Shuuk – EDM, Electro-House, Hard Dance, Bass-House and HardStyle made in Germany.