Based in LA, the young Chinese producer Willim believes that the combination of eastern and western elements can create something very unique and catchy. By fusing his oriental heritage sounds with music he learned at Icon Collective and University of Southern California, Willim has earned a reputation for being the pioneer of “oriental future bass/trap”.
Willim produces a wide variety of music, ranging from hip-hop, trap, pop to house and future bass. He currently has over 50 million plays on Netease Music and over 3 million on other streaming platforms.
In 2019, Willim got multiple record deals with Trap Nation, the largest Youtube music channel, becoming thef irst-ever Chinese producer to be signed. Heart of Stone, one of his brand new singles, is featured on major EDM presses like EDM.com, Fuxwitit and Run the Trap.
Willim has played in major venues across North America along with big titles like KSHMR, Jauz, Bassjackers, etc. His latest track ‘Mad at You’ was released under Spinnin Record Asia in late March.
Willim also participated in film scoring. He has credits in Vanguard (Jackie Chan’s new movie), Detective Chinatown 3, etc.