The Brazilian rising star Liu is a music Producer since the age of 11. He has conquered the Brazilian scene with an unstoppable force due to his countless hits and his affection with the audience. Among his many hits we could mention: “Do not Look Back,” which paralyzed the electronic scene at its release, “All I Want”, released on Armada Deep circuits and played more than 29 million times on Spotify, “Bolum Back” featuring Alok, and the touching “Coastline” (Spinnin) and “Step Ahead” all these songs accumulating millions of plays in digital platforms. The video clip of his latest release “Nave Espacial’ is a hit on the internet and, in less than 3 months, already accumulates more than 3 millions views on Youtube. This vast musical arsenal, along with his energy and charisma on stage, put him on the spotlight all over the most important festivals and clubs in Brazil: green Valley, Tomorrowland Brazil and Lollapalooza. In 2018, he played in Europe, Vietnam and Thailand.