Bhaskar started his story back in 2004 , while he was 12 years old when the first project with your twin brother Alok Petrillo was born. At the time , djing was a hobby but within a few years it became a serious job exchanging their time between school and the studio.
Sun of the renamed djs Swarup and Ekanta , he was was motivated by his fathers success and right after he was presenting himself in several countries.
With deep and melodic influences , his music doesn’t stick to the traditional and his own identity on music can be easily recognized because it shows a rare fusion between futuristic elements from Tech House plus clean and organic sounds from techno and deep house. In the last months Bhaskar had several big expression releases like “The Hook”, “Fuego”, and a remix from “Infinito Particular”.
Besides dj and producer, he is also one of the producers of the traditional NYE festival Universo Paralello.